In The Real Food Diet Cookbook

Dr. Axe shows you how to
lose weight & transform your health
...with recipes that make it easy to stick to!

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All the recipes are quick and easy to make. Based on his easy-to-follow philosophy of Eating Real Foods.

Why Read This Book?

6 REasons to Read This Book

Even if you hate cooking

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If you’re trying to eat more naturally, this book is a good place to start. It isn't nearly as intimidating as some of the other big names in the whole foods world.

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Section 1: An Easy-to-Follow guide to transforming your health. (p. 1-60)

Section 2: Over 130 Real Food Recipes with full color images. (p. 61-230)


You’ll learn how to cook
HEALTHY & delicious
meals in no

See Why this Busy “Mother of Two Boys” Loves it

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I love this book. My husband and I have two little boys and are committed to eating well and feeding our little ones the best food we can. We have made almost every single recipe in this book multiple times We love the blueberry pumpkin pancakes and the ketchup recipe.

My other favorite thing about the book is that the first [section] does a great job of explaining the why and how of truly eating well. The information is clear and easy to follow.

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Josh Axe, D.C.

Dr. Josh Axe is on a mission to transform the health of millions across America. He has authored three books, is a nationally sought after speaker and has been a physician for many professional athletes.

He has created one of the world’s 25 most popular natural health sites and has a dedicated following of over 150,000 loyal monthly subscribers, where he teaches advanced health and nutrition techniques.

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